Frequently Asked Questions

Trash Collection 

Polk County Waste and Recycling- (800) 780-5346 OR (863) 284-4319

Trash is picked up on Monday. Recycle is picked up on Friday. Bulk trash is picked up every Friday. 

Water and Sewer 

Polk County Utilities is the Department that services the property. They can be reached at (863) 298-4100.

Internet, Telephone & Cable

Owners may contact any provider of their choosing. If owner needs to setup the internet at the home, they can contact Spectrum at 833-697-7328. for the bulk call center as the HOA has a bulk internet contract.

Association Fees

The monthly assessments for single-family homes and townhomes include the bulk internet and cable for the community, landscaping maintenance for common areas, portfolio manager and management company, common area utilities (street lights, common area irrigation). The monthly townhome units also include landscaping for the townhomes, irrigation for the townhome building, TH Master Insurance Policy.

Belle Haven FAQs

Q: Is landscaping included in my monthly HOA assessment?

A: The landscaping vendor only does landscape maintenance for the townhome lots and common areas in the Belle Haven community. Individual lots are responsible for their landscaping maintenance.

Q: How do I make my HOA Payment?

A: The following are the three options to make your monthly HOA Payments- scheduled automatic payment, one-time payment, or pay-by-mail with an assessment coupon. Account information (6-digit account number and last name) are needed for the scheduled automatic payment and one-time payment options. If you have additional questions, please contact management or Resident Services at 1-800-337-5850.

Q: When is the monthly assessment due?

A: Payments are due on the 1st of every month and considered late on the 10th of the month.

Q: I have a pest issue in my home. Who do I contact?

A: The owner is responsible for pest control for their own home. The owner will need to contact a pest control vendor for service information and scheduling.

Q: How would a property management company or property manager obtain property information from Castle Group regarding items like account information and payment options?

A: The Association will need a copy of the management agreement between the owner and the property manager/management company before information can be shared regarding the property. The agreement needs to list what the responsibilities of the property manager will include.

Q: I will be renting out my home to a new tenant. What does the Association need?

A: The Association needs a completed Belle Haven Tenant Form returned to the manager and a copy of the lease agreement.

Developer/Pulte Group Questions:

Q: Who is Pulte Group?

A: Pulte is the developer for Belle Haven.

Q: I have a warranty issue with my home. Who do I contact?

A: If you think there might be a warranty issue at your home, you will need to contact the Pulte Homes Warranty Department by either submitting a request online, calling 1-855-618-0727 during normal business hours Monday – Friday, or email